CS12 - Eternity Miracle Fluid 30ml

Brand from Malaysia: CS12. CS12 Skin Care is very much well known for treating sensitized skin, however owning a youthful skin has been everyone s ultimate goal as days goes by. CS12 wishes everyone to enjoy young and beautiful skin, including sensitized skin users. We are delighted to introduce the all-new CS12 s Age of Wonders Anti-Aging Series, with CellRevEX anti- wrinkle formula which owns various precious botanical extracts and active ingredients, is set to reveal a new definition on diminishing fine lines and sagging skin. Reclaim Youthful Skin with the CellRevEX Formula Withholding the ordinary anti-ageing results by regenerating and repairing ageing skin cells, CellRevEX formula enables sensitized skin users to indulge and experience flawless, firmed skin texture without worrying hyper nutrient reaction. The technology that bonds gently to soothe sensitized skin at first and repair damaged skin cells, followed by strengthen & enhance skin texture from the inside out. The Eternity Miracle Fluid Refine & Rejuvenate Start to seal your best feature as early as 25 years old. A delicate and supple moisturizing lotion nourishes skin without leaving skin greasy. The nutrient particles with CellRevEX technology increases skin s ability to absorb moisture, plumping from within for an optimal healthy look and radiant glow; reduce the look of lines and large pores without irritating skin, giving you a comfy, soothing skin complexion. Lifting, Firming and Define Reduce Damaging Effect of Free Radicals Regenerate Skin Cell Reduce Redness, Lines and Wrinkles Collagen Booster Improve Skin Elasticity and Reveal Youthful Skin Deeply Nourishing and Intensely Hydrating Main Ingredients: Gingko Bibola Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Betaine, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phoshate, Tocopherol How to use: AM & PM After toning, use CS12 Eternity Miracle Essence with appropriate amount and apply evenly on face. Followed by CS12 Eternity Miracle Fluid. Apply sparingly to face with fingertips using upwards and outward strokes.

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